On the first Monday after an appeals court ruled that Texas abortion laws could be enforced, Operation Rescue has confirmed that 14 of 23 abortion facilities in Texas that were open for business before last Thursday’s ruling are either closed or no longer accepting abortion patients.

Operation Rescue called each of the 23 remaining Texas abortion clinics on the morning of October 6, 2014, and confirmed the closures. The research also revealed that the closures simply have not resulted in long waiting times for abortion appointments as wrongly predicted by abortion supporters.

“We are encouraged by the closure of these fourteen abortion facilities that were operating under substandard conditions that endangered the lives of women,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue,


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14 of 23 Texas Abortion Clinics Close

by Cheryl Sullenger | Austin, TX | LifeNews.com | 10/6/14 1:59 PM