Who We Are

We are a group of ordinary Christians who share a common cause – the defense of the pre-born. We believe that abortion is not only destroying innocent lives, but is also having a horrible impact on our culture. Our goal is twofold: To awaken the evangelical church of Canada to its God given duty to be a voice for the pre-born, and to make abortion unthinkable by informing the public of the issues surrounding abortion and providing people with the reasons and evidence they need to defend the pro-life position.

We believe that the evangelical church in Canada, in large part, has failed to see that whatever we, as a society, do to the pre-born, we do to Jesus. This follows from simple logic. For Jesus said that whatever we do to other human beings, we do to Jesus. We are aborting pre-born human beings. Therefore, we are aborting Jesus.

The following declaration encapsulates well the view concerning the plight of the pre-born to which we subscribe:

The Declaration of ‘A Voice for the Pre-Born’

We acknowledge that the plight of the pre-born in Canada is an emergency that calls for extraordinary action on the part of the evangelical church of Canada. We agree that abortion in Canada is nothing less than the mass shedding of innocent blood, and such an atrocity, Scripture says, ”defiles” a country (Numbers 35:34), and will, unless it is repented of, invite God’s judgment (Ezekiel 22:2, 3). We admit our part in this monstrous evil. We acknowledge, to our shame, that we have not been the salt of the earth—at least with regard to abortion. We are guilty of the sin of omission. When we should have spoken up in the pre-born’s defense, we held our peace. When we should have acted on the pre-born’s behalf, we busied ourselves with other, often lesser, concerns. When we should have responded to the plight of the pre-born, we plugged our ears to their silent screams. From henceforth, with God’s help, we will strive to do better. In obedience to God’s word, we will endeavor to “Speak for those who cannot speak up for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute” (Proverbs 31:8). Since the pre-born cannot speak for themselves, we will, with God’s help, be their voice.